Apr 11, 2014

The Denver Post: "Salvage Secrets:" Don't hit the flea markets without it

"Palmisano is full of eclectic advice and essential tips (for example, how to find out what those salvaged planks really look like underneath the paint and grime) for scroungers, reusers and upcyclers. Her new book is no girly, lacy, shabby-chic catalogue: The rooms whose appeal Palmisano analyzes include big art, modern furnishings and industrial metals, and she clues you in on the d├ęcor trends you'll want to know about to incorporate them."
Thanks to the Denver Post for kicking off an exciting launch of the new and second Salvage Secrets hitting bookstores on May 20th!  Joanne and I are currently in CA doing speaking engagements and book signings.  We'll keep you updated on everything as we get closer to the release date!

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